Dancing Well with Parkinson’s – New Term Starting November 2016

Dancing Well with Parkinson’s – New Term Starting November 2016

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Move4Parkinson’s are delighted to announce the next term of our partnership with Dance Theatre Ireland “Dancing Well with Parkinson’s” project in South Dublin, will commence on 25th November 2016, running for 10 weeks.

Who are Dance Theatre Ireland? 

Dance Theatre Ireland are part of the Dance for PD membership programme, a dance programme which is proven to improve physical and emotional well-being for people with Parkinson’s in over 100 communities around the world.  Artistic Directors Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick have partaken in specialised training with David Leventhal in the USA on providing dance techniques and classes to people with Parkinson’s.

Why Consider Participating in the Dancing Well with Parkinson’s Project?

Regular exercise is critical for the physical and emotional health of those affected by Parkinson’s. These Dancing Well with Parkinson’s classes provide an enjoyable way to incorporate weekly exercise, in a safe and fun space, increasing overall confidence so that individuals can get back into the community.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Dancing Well with Parkinson’s Project?

According to International research, as a result of their participation in Dance for Parkinson’s classes, people with Parkinson’s experience improvements in gait, tremor, facial expression, short-term mobility, confidence, and social inclusion. In New York classes, 73% reported that the class improves motor symptoms; 92% reported that the class improved their mood, while 88% of participants said the “class makes me feel less isolated”. 93% said the class improved their feelings of wellbeing, while 67% reported that the class helped them perform at least one activity of daily living with more ease.

Feedback from People with Parkinson’s who took part in similar projects worldwide:

  • “The focus is not illness; it is living. It is self-expression, human connection, joie de vivre, beauty, love. It’s magic; it’s precious.”
  • “The class provides a feeling that some of my future life incorporates opportunities that will be fulfilling, and therefore empowering.”
  • “S. says this class was the most fun he’s had in his 12 years with PD, and that he has not laughed with his wife like that in a long time.”
  • “It’s nice not to be clumsy. It’s wonderful to be in control and be somewhat graceful again.”
  • “… it pushes me to do more things with my life than I would otherwise.”


Start Date:                          25th November

Venue:                                 Dance Theatre of Ireland, Bloomfields, Lower Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire

Day/Time:                          Every Friday 11.00 –  12.30

Cost:                                      10 Week Term;  €50

Registration & Indemnity Forms:  


Your registration will be confirmed by email once we have received your Registration Form, Indemnity Form and Payment of €50.00.

Deadline for Pre-Registration: TBC

If you require any further information or have any issues with registration please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone:

Email Address:  projects@move4parkinsons.com

Phone:  (01) 2950060


The “Dancing Well with Parkinson’s” project has been kindly supported by IPB Insurance