Are you interested in Set-Dancing classes?

Are you interested in Set-Dancing classes?

Coming off the huge success of the Feakle Health Conference and based on the evidence of the therapeutic effects of Irish set-dancing on Parkinson’s Disease, Move4Parkinson’s are planning to start running set-dancing classes designed for People with Parkinson’s.

Dr. Daniele Volpe’s initial trials suggest that “the dance group showed superior results to standard physiotherapy in relation to freezing of gait, balance and motor disability”.

These intial findings are very encouraging. Coupled with the fact that we all tend to stick to physical activities that are engaging, enjoyable and sociable, such as dancing, more so that activities that feel like we “have to” do them, has made us all very excited at the prospect of Move4Parkinson’s Set-Dancing Classes!

As part of the process of planning these classes we’d like to get a rough idea of the level of interest in these classes.

To begin with we will be running them in Dublin, somewhere close enough to the M50.

If you could help us out by emailing us to let us know you’re interested, that would be great! E-mail us here

8 thoughts on “Are you interested in Set-Dancing classes?

  1. michael mc kee/tulla ceili band

    hi, was involved /helped at the vseminar in feakle,if yere doing ceilis sometime we would be to bondeno italy this weekend for 2 ceilis there ,ithink drmvolpe presenting findings there on sunday tel no is 085 1740986/061 924197.regards and best of luck with the project

  2. tina whyte

    i have a lady just started with me with parkinsons anything info on helping this lady would be appreciated .. i have read all the paper reviews…

  3. martina rochford

    i just found your page this eve, while browsing the net.just wondering how the set dancing kicked off, [so to speak]. would be interested in joining. pardon my punctuation. kind regards martina.

  4. Sharon Carr

    We have recently started running set dancing classes for people with Parkinson’s disease in Bristol, UK, and would be interested in sharing experiences with your group.

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