Celebrating World Parkinson’s Awareness Day – 11th April

Celebrating World Parkinson’s Awareness Day – 11th April

Today marks World Parkinson’s Awareness Day, our first as an official charity!

We launched Move4Parkinson’s on 17th of April 2012. Now almost a year later I am so proud and grateful for what we have achieved in our first year.

The ‘Voices of Hope’ single launch

Today we launch our ‘Voices of Hope’ choir single ‘Something Inside So Strong’. The Voices of Hope choir was established following the hugely positive reaction we had to our singing session at our Patient Empowerment Day in June of last year. The single has come about because of the unbelievable effort and generosity of a group of people who gave freely of their time and energy, because they believed in the power and value of what we are doing. Thank you so much to Niamh Kavanagh, Shay Healy, Jen Grundullis, Steve McGrath, Antonio Caffola, Paschal Walsh, the members of the band of An Garda Siochana and the many others that helped to make our dream a reality.

You can download the single from itunes now and check out our video below. We had so much fun creating this and I think you will see that in our video!

Something Inside so Strong (feat. Niamh Kavanagh, A Glor Gospel Choir & the Band of an Garda Siochana) - Something Inside so Strong (feat. Niamh Kavanagh, A Glor Gospel Choir & the Band of an Garda Siochana) - Single

Our New Website

Today we also launch our new website – which we hope will be a resource that people with Parkinson’s, their family and friends will value and use. Thank you again to those who helped us to create this. To the fantastic team at AOL who gave their time to build the site, to Laura McGrath, Brian Morrow, Andrew Curran and Nikki Hegarty our volunteers who also worked to create the site and to the team in Automate who helped us to get the site across the line.

Finding our Voice

As we have worked towards today, recording our single and creating the website, a common theme that has come up again and again was that of ‘finding our voices’.

As people with Parkinson’s we can sometimes find the tone or volume of our voices is impacted, but it is also true that we lose our voices in a metaphorical sense. We might shy away from going out, we can become apathetic (a common side effect) and we don’t always have the energy to stand up and be heard.

We want today to be about people with Parkinson’s and our friends, family and supporters, regaining our voices. We want to be heard and to be seen. We want a message of hope to be spread. We want everyone to know that it is still possible to have quality of life with Parkinson’s, that it is still possible to experience joy and fulfillment.

[blockquote] We want to empower everyone with Parkinson’s to achieve their best possible quality of life.[/blockquote]

We will soon add a new area on our website for ‘shared stories’, we will be inviting anyone with Parkinson’s or affected by it to share their personal stories of what Parkinson’s means for them and the different ways which they have found to live well with Parkinson’s. We recognise the huge power of hearing the voices of others who are in the same situation as ourselves and want to create an opportunity for these stories to be shared more widely.

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have made this, our first year of Move4Parkinson’s so amazing, to our board members, our volunteers, our yoga and choir teachers and to the wonderful group of people from Parkinson’s organisations around the globe that we are privileged to now call friends and who constantly encourage and inspire us to be the best that we can be for people with Parkinson’s.

[blockquote] Most of all thank you to all of those with Parkinson’s who have believed in us, befriended us and shared this journey with us. Your positivity, your belief in what we are doing, your commitment to achieving quality of life and to living life to the full is our constant source of inspiration. Your support is what gives us the energy and drive to keep going against all odds.[/blockquote]

You have given us our voice, you have allowed us to be seen. Thank you.

Mags x


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