Parkinsons Awareness Day 11th April 2013

Parkinsons Awareness Day 11th April 2013

Raising awareness about Parkinsons disease is so important .When I was diagnoised nearly 10 years ago I had no idea how it really affected people how could I, I had never experienced it .

When a disease like Parkinsons affects you or a close family member it can be devastating. For me in January 2004 it was terrifying , I could not believe it why me? Today I say why not me ?

We all have journeys and the destination is unknown , however our attitude can shape  the way we take the journey.

So  I started to write this blog 2 years ago and could not have predicted the journey it has taken me on.The blog  and website will be taking another journey next week. We have been developing a new website with the support of many people , and Move4Parkinsons  extends a big thank you to everyone involved.

The  new website launches next Thursday 11th April 2013 so watch this space as the journey continues.



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