5 Things I am Grateful for

5 Things I am Grateful for

What are you passionate about? Think about it.

So you are reading this and thinking “I have Parkinson’s, what is there to be passionate about?”

Well I have Parkinson’s also, but it’s not who I am. Parkinson’s is what I have to manage on a daily basis.

What I have to live for are the things in my life I am passionate about. I have to dig deep into myself to understand these passions.

For everyone with Parkinson’s today is a new day, find your passion in life. Believe that you can not that you can’t.

Life is precious and very short, be grateful for what you have. Write down today 5 things you are grateful for. Here are mine:

1. The sunrise this morning.

2. My ability to see beyond Parkinson’s Disease.

3. My journey.

4. The people in my life that support me; my trainer Eoin, the volunteers in Move4Parkinson’s, my community and my family.

5. Being alive.

What’s on your list?

About the Author:

Mags 4 Parkinson’s

Mags MullarneyFounder of Move4Parkinson’s, Mags was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004 when she was 47 years old. Since then she has worked tirelessly to better understand Parkinson’s and to improve her quality of life through taking a multi-disciplinary approach and utilising complementary medicine in addition to the traditional. Margaret lives in Dublin with her husband Michael and has two grown up children, Nikki and David. She worked as a solicitor for 25 years and is also a qualified business and life coach.

4 thoughts on “5 Things I am Grateful for

  1. Nicola Wood

    The things I’m passionate about, my power 5

    1. The Soul – power of the unseen
    2. Music – power of sound
    3. Creativity – power of creation – something from nothing
    4. Wildlife – power of the natural world
    5. Healing – all the above + alternative therapies/touch

    I also want to say how uplifting and positive I find this website, I only wish I was closer. I love dancing to music.

    1. sarah

      Thanks Nicola for your comments! If you are on facebook you can like our page facebook.com/move4parkinsons for even more of our content and updates. We are so glad that you find our website positive and hope you will stay connected with us

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