A new day a new dawn

A new day a new dawn

After 15k around Howth yesterday I thought I would not be able to move, but Jason my physical trainer is absolutely brilliant and I feel fantastic. When the crazy snow hit in November Jason drove through the serious blizzards to  collect me and bring me to the gym… that is serious commitment! Even before I had Parkinson’s I wouldn’t have been doing these distances. Went from the 15 k to a session of Reiki and I can’t believe how much energy it gives me.

Parkinson’s is a challenge but we can beat it guys, just keep confusing it by getting lots of exercise and  positive living  – you will find  the Parkinson’s can’t cope it gets very confused.

Empower ourselves to beat this, we don’t have to wait for the big cure little steps could also get us there and they are available right now!!!

Have a good day

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