Brighter Season, Fresh Growth, New Start

Brighter Season, Fresh Growth, New Start

I normally cycle to and from work and over the last few months, I’ve been leaving and returning home in darkness. Not exactly an inspiring thought I admit, but recently, as the days have neared the end of February, my journey has started and finished in daylight. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the extra hours of daylight have given me more energy. Instead of getting on my bike and thinking do I really have to navigate the dark, depressing, wet streets of Dublin to get home, now I’m more like… Yes, it’s time to go home, let’s get some wind in my hair and work those muscles!

So, if you have Parkinson’s and you’re feeling a bit down, let the daylight into your life and see how much better you feel.
Winter’s gone, Spring is bright.
No more with forever nights,
Go outside, feel the air
Let it ripple through your hair.
Fresh growth vibrant all around,
Hope and laughter to be found,
We may have Parkinson’s, but we’re not done
So live your life, go have some fun!

One thought on “Brighter Season, Fresh Growth, New Start

  1. Lauren

    I completely agree, sunlight has this amazing ability to make you have a happier outlook. I work 9 to 5 in an office far away from any windows and pulling out of that car park to the sun shining at the end of the day motivates me to make the most of my day rather than going home and crashing on the couch.

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