Colm Murray an inspiration

Colm Murray an inspiration

“To be of help to be of service”

Colm Murray and his beautiful wife Ann have huge courage amidst very challenging times.Colm Murray as I see it had two choices when diagnosed .

Firstly to go into that deep dark place  and hide away and he did this for a while,perfectly understandable or then secondly to share his challenging journey..

When we are told we have a disease  that is incurable and degenerative , how do you cope? Well my experience is ( I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 47, 8 years ago initially they thought it might be MS or Motor Neuron )that we all do it in different ways and there is no right or wrong way.

By Colm sharing his experience and participating in  research and trials  he is giving such an example of hope and courage and also giving  so much to the neurological community, an he has more than fulfilled his wish” to be of help and to be of service”
People with neurological conditions  are  so important to the neurological research field after all their research is all about us!!!

 People with neurological disorders are not just another data resource , so to all of the researchers out there thank you for all the fantastic work you do.Please keep talking to us ,we might have a way that we can give you information  to assist  you in your work and add value to the great work you are already doing.

I believe Colm Murray  has done a huge service to the neurological community in so many ways by sharing his journey  and I thank him sincerely for this and for his courage and openness.

 See link below to the interview!v=1132488

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