Depression in Parkinson’s

Depression in Parkinson’s

Seven years ago I was officially diagnosed with my Parkinson’s, without going into my full story it would suffice to say that it was not a good time in my life. The days were mixed, with about 80 per cent being days of rejection, denial, and why me? What I didn’t know then, but found out later was I had been living with a number of early Parkinson’s signs for some years before my diagnosis, I had lost my sense of smell and taste, my muscles were stiffening and I was being treated for stress(which I now accept was depression).
Before the onset of my Parkinson’s I would never have associated myself with Depression, I was stressed from time to time, but I always put this down to work problems. As my Parkinson’s progressed so too did the frequency of my bouts of “Stress”. After some time of trying to cope alone I was referred by my GP to a Psychiatrist on the basis that I required specialist help to sort a medicine regime that would help me to cope better. This worked well for a while, until things started to go wrong for me. My depression was getting darker every day, there were so many different ways that I was being tormented in my mind, at times I would be confused, not able to make a simple decision like where things should go in the house, I was sad and alone because I didn’t know how to let others near me. There were bouts of dark depression where I would be in total darkness, no light anywhere so I froze, sometimes my head felt as though it would explode, during these times I would withdraw, go to bed and not eat. I would sleep day and night but never felt rested, I was constantly tired. Finally I could cope no more, the dark days were coming closer and closer together, my thoughts were darker and I could see no end to my state of mind. Then just after New Year 2013 I spoke to my Psychiatrist and he arranged to have me admitted to hospital, I was a patient there for five weeks.
It was during my stay in hospital that I learned about myself, I learned that I was a good and lovable person, this was for me the start of my journey to wellness, I learned techniques that have helped me to cope better when life goes against me. I have learned how to share myself, and most important I have contacts if things start to go wrong. At home my family are great they now watch out for any signs that I might be slipping back into my old ways and they feel free to let me know.
I still have Grey days but with the help of the many hand-outs and notes from the hospital, and the fact that I now can talk about being depressed, I find it is not as difficult to cope.
If you read this and can identify with the Stress – Anxiety, the first thing I would urge you to do is to go and talk to your GP or contact Outpatients at your nearest hospital, and take the first step towards your wellness.

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Paul CareyPaul is 69 years of age, he has been married to Dolores for 44 years. They have two daughters, one son and five grandchildren; three granddaughters who live in Chicago and two grandsons who live quite close to him and have a habit of reminding him of his age when he minds them! He is also a member of the Move4Parkinson’s Voices of Hope choir, which he says has given him a new lease on life.

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