Empowering our abilities by daring to dream!!

Empowering our abilities by daring to dream!!

Well 2011 has been an exciting and interesting year for me ,we had a fantastic evening of Christmas Spirit in Wood quay in Dublin on Thursday in aid of Move4Parkinsons,  it was a really memorable occasion of song  and reflection, laughter and friendship .Isn’t that some of the riches of life  .I read a poem on Thursday evening entitled” Dare to Dream” ,have you ever dared to dream and then done something about making it a reality ?.
My experience having Parkinson’s disease has brought me down a road I could never have imagined I have had the privilege over the last year to speak to  many groups and individuals with Parkinson’s disease  about my journey and to share with them my message of hope and fulfillment in life despite an illness that for me at some time every day  renders it very difficult for me to walk.
I have chosen the path of empowering my abilities not my disabilities and that is the message I want to share whether it is a physical or mental disability or both   . 

What I have to do to manage the “dis ease” may be completely different to what you have to do .
For me its lots of exercise, the right food, plenty of fluids, taking medication at the right time., and the most important mindfulness or living in the moment.If I don’t live in the moment I can’t tune into how my body is reacting to the medication I am taking ,the food I am eating etc.If I am not in the moment them I am in the past or in the future
Learning how to manage my “dis ease” has been an adventure , it could have been a chore it just depends on how I look at it .

So last year I dared to dream and decided to prepare for a marathon in Dublin in October this year,to raise awareness aabout Parkinsons, the events of the year are captured in my Blog (that was another resolution to write a blog! )(www.move4parkinsons.com  has  a link to my blog).

The most amazing thing about the people with Parkinsons that I have met this year is seeing them make changes themselves,and improving their quality of life that has really inspired me to continue with this  journey .

The world is also getting smaller and technology has been powerful, as we all know ,Parkinson’s Movement(www.ParkinsonsMovement.com)(the internet has allowed this type of organisation to be conceived)  was born in August this year it is a world wide organisation for People with Parkinsons to share their  experiences and to gather information for research etc .it so far has been incredibly successful and will, I have no doubt, go from strength to strength and I  have the privilege of being one of the ambassadors for  Parkinson’s Movement in Ireland.I have made friends all over the world as a result of this journey .The  idea for Parkinsons Movement was as a result of some other people with Parkinsons daring to dream and doing something about it,

So as the year comes to a close I am daring to dream again for next year .

May you also dare to dream and then share your dream and make it happen       

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