Exercise is vital for Parkinson’s

Exercise is vital for Parkinson’s

I am not prepared to listen anymore and be told this disease is incurable and progressive, it’s so negative. Aside from the fact that it removes hope from the equation (which is so important for our mental wellbeing), I just don’t believe that it’s true and I intend on proving that. I want the solution not the problem.

I believe I have found one of the key elements of that solution, anyone I know who is doing well with Parkinson’s is exercising regularly and intensively. At the Parkinson’s World Congress (which was simply amazing) we spoke to the girls from Arizona who have developed an exercise programme which has been scientifically proven to work – check out their site http://www.http//pwrgym.org/about/unmet-needs.html

I was told a year and a half ago to exercise twice a week for a half hour, that’s all they reckoned I could manage. Today I exercise for one and a half hours, four days a week, I am in training for the Dublin marathon in October and last Saturday (my 5th day of training that week) I did 15k of endurance walking!

I reckon my disease has stopped progressing or that I am finding other pathways to the brain. We need to get the message out there  that exercise keeps us fit and helps our balance. The endorphins must also surely help any depression. While we are waiting for a cure we need to live life to the full, not sit around depending on some scientists to solve our problems. Today I am fitter than I was over 7 years ago, before I was diagnosed. So for me exercise, a good diet, Reiki healing on a regular basis, finding new interests and a positive attitude have turned Parkinson’s into a positive challenge rather than a negative experience.

I would love to hear from anyone out there who has found similar benefits. Lets spread the word guys.


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