Facing yourself at sunrise

Facing yourself at sunrise

Driving out to Sutton on Saturday morning the week before last  at 5.30 the view was spectacular .I was looking forward to the training session.I met Jason running on the road leading up to our meeting point   .When we met he told me that he had already done 1.5 hours on the bike and spent the rest of the time running .
So we started by doing  a bit of walking and then jogging ,up to this point in my training I have always walked .What had happened over the last number of months was that people kept asking me when they heard I was doing the Marathon  “Are you running it?” when I said I was walking it I always had a  sense of ” well that’s not that difficult ” but that is my sense and not nescessarily the thoughts of others .

So I had to look within myself and see what was going on for me and I recognised that my pride was hurt !
So as I puffed and panted past the seafront in Sutton at 6am on a Sat morning I thought ok I am walking this marathon ,and when I complete it it will be a huge personal achievment .
So after the jogging was over I knew I had got that need to jog it out of my system. So we headed up to the top of Howth Summit, a real challenge for me as we walked through a narrow steep path covered in dense shrubbery .For all of you who may not know one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s is getting stuck in confined spaces our bodies freeze (particularly when my medication if off) so I had another mental hurdle to get over ,so instead of thinking of freezing. I just admired the incredible beauty of the surroundings, it was amazing as we reached the top, for me it was just another incredible achievement .
More life lessons learned that morning thanks Jason!

“Life gets more enjoyable when you stop worrying about what you can’t do and you focus on what you can do ” John Ball author of Living Well Running Hard .Parkinsons advocate diagnoised 1983 still running marathons

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