Famous photographers

Famous photographers

Just a quick post today to share a funny story with you.

I’m new to blogging and am only now getting my head around facebook and twitter. My daughter Nikki has been helping me out quite a bit and giving me hints and tips for what to include on my blog to make it more interesting.

For the past few weeks each time we have chatted she has asked whether I have pictures of myself and the rest of the gang who go on our early morning training walks. Last time she checked in I had taken a photo but it was quite far away and I wasn’t in it. She took a look and then gave me some detailed requirements on what was needed “a picture with all of you in it Mum” she said, “when you’re out walking so that people can picture you all when you’re writing!” I was under strict instructions not to come out from my next walk without such a picture.

So yesterday (St Patrick’s Day) while on our training walk I whipped my camera out with all guidelines in mind, Lorraine offered to take a picture but I said no, we needed her in it too (guideline 4 subsection b of the instructions I believe). Suddenly Jason said ‘look there’s Dick Hooper’, running towards us was Dick, three time Dublin marathon winner, including winning the first ever Dublin marathon and who had recently launched the 2011 marathon. “Dick”! I shouted,” Its Margaret will you take a photo”  he ran a few more paces and turned back. “We just need a quick pic” I said, he grinned, , and very obligingly he took rapid instructuions on how to use an iphone and  took our photo. I told him I was training for the marathon “do you know what you’ve let yourself in for” was the response!

On Saturday afternoon I called Nikki to give the good news that I had finally got the coveted photo of our gang, only half way through the story as I reached the point about me shouting out to Dick, Nikki gasped, “oh brilliant so you got a photo of you with Dick Hooper”… cue silence from me, it hadn’t even crossed my mind! Nikki laughed when I confessed that no, rather than get my picture with a famous Dublin Marathon winner and the man who had launched the marathon, I had instead asked him to take a picture of us!

“OK Mum” she said, “I think I’m going to have to do the Marathon with you after all… that way I can make sure I am there to get the pictures!”. Hopefully we’ll meet Dick out training again when Nikki is there and now both my kids will be with me at the marathon. Happy Days!

See the great picture Dick took of us all below

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