Getting over the finish line!!!

Getting over the finish line!!!

Check out the great photo of us in the Irish Times supplement 3rd May 2011. That achievement of getting over the finish line is for me what it was all about ,commitment ,time ,energy, friendship,support ,being there as a team .We all had our struggles to get there, without our trainer Jason Pettigrew  we could not have done it ,and for him watching the other runners heading off was not easy ,his marathon time would probably be around 2.40  and we walked a half marathon (in 3 hours 41.mins !) Yes “walked I hear you say ” ,yes we walked, and we walked at a brisk pace for 13.1 miles, and we passed out joggers along the way who could not keep  up the pace its tough .On the journey we met people walking with other disabilities in particular a man who was blind with a guide ,what trust he had to have in his guide, and what an incredible journey for him to undertake .

It has really reminded me not to judge others you never know what someone has had to do to achieve a goal.

It was a wonderful sense of achievement for our group to cross the finishing line together.
We are now in training for the Dublin Marathon in October .

And so to my Parkinson’s pals you will understand this part I had a ball on Sunday and felt really well and on Monday morning my medication went on and off all morning For everyone with Parkinson’s we experience symptoms in a different way for me I get about a 5 minute warning that I am going off and then I am like the “Duracell bunny” with the battery taken out and that lasts for who knows how long 5 mins 10 mins, or like yesterday morning and evening 1 hour and 2 hours respectively .So Yes, I walked the marathon and we all came over the finish line as a team supporting each other so here’s to more training with Jason and the gang we have another  finish line to get over in October and a lot of living to do in meantime.

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