Gratitude and a positive approach to chronic illness

Gratitude and a positive approach to chronic illness

Parkinsons is a challenge for all of us on a daily basis , but whether I get up moaning and feeling sorry for myself or I get up wondering what the day will bring and looking forward to it ,I still have Parkinson’s its all about attitude.Don’t get me wrong its tough getting out of bed in the morning .Your body has been rigid for the night and then you wake with aches and pains in places you never thought possible and wonder how you will get out of bed..
Last Saturday morning in training for the marathon I was up at 8am (well actually 5 am ) and at 8 am I went up the Dublin Mountains with Kate a pal of mine, who has recently started walking with us .We needed oxygen as we climbed higher and higher,both of us our good chatterboxes but we were very silent as we faced the uphill steep challenge ,it reminded me of some of the more difficult challenges I have had to face over the years .

What a great feeling of achievement as we reached the top and at that moment I had so many things to be grateful for .Firstly to Kate for being there she is a ray of sunshine and has to learn to say” no” sometimes as she is always ready to help. To be able to enjoy the morning air and feel well .For my ability to be positive I am so grateful for that as it allows me to achieve things I would never have thought possible .For all my family and in particular my huband Michael and friends  who support me on a daily basis .

My daughter sent me this article the other day its on a positive approach to chronic illness and a must read its excellent and I was really grateful for that
Off now to a pitch and putt classic that Michael Carruth the former Irish boxing gold medallist and his family have organised in memory of his Dad who had Parkinson’s disease what a lovely tribute to his Dad .

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