Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Have spent the last few weeks looking at 2012 and what my dreams and hopes are.  Firstly as I glance back at   2011 it’s hard to believe so much has happened in a year!! I realise how important keeping to my schedule of training, nutrition etc is essential.  In order for me to stay at optimum health I have to a look after myself and continue to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.
Yesterday was a little reminder to me of how important that is, my medication did not work for 3 hours during the day which meant that I was immobile (for some people that was a blessing in disguise) for me it was my body letting me know that I wasn’t listening to it and managing it the way I should.  Not sure what went wrong, think it was probably something I ate or I may have been dehydrated?
So it was back to the gym this morning and I have now set a couple of goals for my training this year. So I’m going to run a 5K and a ?????K so watch this space. Anyone out there that wants to join me please email me at Mags@move4parkinsons.com.
So what’s the Happy Anniversary about? Well this time 8 years ago, I was getting ready to head to my Neurologist to be given the diagnosis of Parkinson’s.  8 years later I am amazed at where the journey has taken me.  I can’t say that I would have wished this on myself but it’s given me an opportunity to see life in a very different way.
A huge thanks to everyone who has supported and cared about me for the last 8 years and here’s to the next 8!

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  1. annie

    When I lived in the USA, the doctors had stickers that they issued to the tots and small children, which said “I was very brave at the doctor’s today.” Somehow that jumped into my head while reading your anniversary blog, Mags, and, yes, you have been and are very brave!

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