Is your environment bad for your health?

Is your environment bad for your health?

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 4 years ago, one of the first questions I asked my doctor was “how did I get it?” I was told I had idiopathic Parkinson’s which is a fancy way of saying that doctors have no idea of how or why I got it. My doctor went on to explain that there are three possible causes of Parkinson’s:
  1. Genetics – it can be passed down through family generations

  2. A serious head trauma

  3. A viral infection
I’ve never had a serious head trauma so I’ve always believed that I got it through genetics (my uncle has Parkinson’s) or a viral infection (I’ve travelled in some weird and wonderful countries). However recently, I’ve been doing my own research on the Internet and I came across quite a few reports that link environmental factors (toxins) to possibly causing Parkinson’s. In particular, I’ve found two reports that I find very interesting. One details how exposure to certain pesticides increases the risk of getting Parkinson’s by up to 80%. See the following link to read more:

This is purely suggestive on my part but I grew up in the country so I wonder was I exposed to any pesticides as a child? Also nearly all non organic fruit and vegetables you buy in your local supermarket are sprayed with pesticides (to mask smells and flavours, to extend shelf life…etc), so for this reason, I eat only organic fruit and vegetables. But is it possible that, over the years the build up of pesticides from eating non organic food could have caused my Parkinson’s? If this is an area that interests you, I suggest you start by reading Dr. Oliver Moore’s blog on the pesticide debate by clicking the following link:

The second report I found interesting and relative to me was the link between mercury poisoning and Parkinson’s. Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on earth, yet dare I say that most of us carry a few grams around in our mouth? Up to 52% of a typical silver amalgam dental filling is mercury! When I was 12, I had a very bad cycling accident, which involved me knocking out some of teeth and doing serious damage to the rest of them. Consequently, I spent the next ten years in and out of dentists and this combined with my love of sugar means that today, I have approximately nine of these silver fillings in my mouth. Norway, Swedenand Denmark have already banned the use of mercury in dental amalgams, but no such law exists in Ireland. So, could this be a contributing factor to my Parkinson’s or maybe even a cause? I can’t say for sure, but I intend to get all my silver fillings taken out so I’ll let you know how I get on. There are numerous reports about mercury and Parkinson’s on the Internet, but for an interesting story of one woman’s own experience, please click on the following link:

I realise that following an organic diet and removing my silver fillings won’t necessarily cure my Parkinson’s, but if it helps in any way to improving my symptoms, isn’t the effort worth it? As always, we welcome your comments below.

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