It’s not the destination it is the journey that counts

It’s not the destination it is the journey that counts

Well we are heading for Glasgow at the weekend to do the Great Scots Run or walk as in our case!Last Saturday morning we met at 6.30 am to do a 2 hour walk .It was a wet morning but we were not put off or if we were no one said a word!It is an amazing feeling to be out on the walk at such an early hour its peaceful and calm .

Myself and my pal Liz  – sunrise at the Poolbeg Towers

 The gang lead the way (sun was still shining at this point!)
 The rain arrives – one of the first times it has poured since winter
The marathon in October and the half Marathon this week end are only part of the experience and the journey. I could never have expected the level of support I have received particularly from Jason and his wife Lorraine and my other pal Lorraine it has been incredible .Even more unexpected are Jane and Adrienne whom I had never met before we started walking .The first walk we took on a freezing cold morning last winter was a true test, my medication did not work for the majority of the 2 hour walk and I remember thinking not  a chance those two will be back again ,that  it would put them right off, on the contrary they have turned up at every opportunity and we have become good friends .We are all doing the training for different reasons and the reasons are not as important as the lessons I take from the journey ,
The sun comes out (for a little while!) – Rainbow by the pier and Poolbeg towers
So last Saturday we were all there and my friend Kate who has recently joined us my pal Liz  and my daughter Nikki (who was the photographer on the day) and it was really special having her there ,both of my children are doing the marathon they are both in their twenties and it is a huge commitment of time and effort and I am really grateful.
I found this video which I love about the journey .
More to come from Glasgow

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