Limerick half marathon here we come!

Limerick half marathon here we come!

It was my birthday last week and what a start to it I had! Our marathon group met at 6.30am in Howth to climb to the summit along the cliff head, a two and a half hour walk, our last long one before the Limerick half marathon this weekend. As Loraine and I were driving out to meet the rest of the gang the sun was rising in the sky like a large orange flame .Who would  want to have a lie-on and miss that amazing experience.

When I reached the summit on Saturday I had an overwhelming sense of achievement and was so grateful to Jason and all the others (not forgetting Molly) for all the support and effort they are also putting in .I can’t believe the journey this disease has taken me on, it has been a roller coaster both emotionally and physically but I can see huge changes in me ,Nkiki said to me the other day I just cannot believe you are 55 !!!

So this week is Parkinson’s Awareness week and we need to get out there and tell people about this disease. There is a huge lack of knowledge out there, which is all the more surprising considering how prevalent Parkinson’s is… I can’t count the number of times that people have confused Parkinson’s with Alzheimer’s and remarked on how lucid I seem! We need to educate others about what Parkinson’s is, what it means for us and how they can support us.

How many of you have a mother ,father,  granny or granddad at home, who does not want to be seen because of their physical appearance as a result of the disease? They are still the same person on the inside, looking out  at the world from a different perspective now with this disease. We need your support to encourage us to exercise and look after ourselves, to encourage us to work to keep as well  as possible while managing this disease . We need to manage Parkinson’s, we do not need it to manage us .

So this weekend is the Limerick half-Marathon and it marks the start of our fundraising efforts. I will be getting a link up soon to a page where you can donate if you wish to our funds. I am determined to raise money to support our Parkinson’s community in order to provide better support and care for those of us with Parkinson’s.

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