Move 4 Parkinson’s video shortlisted in International Video Competition

Move 4 Parkinson’s video shortlisted in International Video Competition

A video submitted to an international video competition by Move4Parkinson’s founder Mags Mullarney (who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004 aged 47), is one of only two European submissions to make it to the final twelve in the World Parkinson’s Congress video competition.

The WPC invited entrants around the world to make a video about their experience with Parkinson’s and to share their journey with the larger community. The Move4Parkinson’s entry titled “Something Inside so Strong” captures this spirit by documenting the formation and flourishing of their ‘Voices of Hope’ Choir, which was established less than a year ago in September 2012. It represents a place where people with Parkinson’s and their families can come together to sing, share and regain the voices they have lost. The video includes vocals from Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh and features Shay Healy (who himself has Parkinson’s) in addition to members of the Voices of Hope and A Glór gospel choirs.

In addition to the Grand Prize Winner as selected by the WPC panel of judges, this year’s video competition will include a ‘People’s Choice’ Award, the winner of which will be shown at the Opening Ceremony of the World Parkinson’s Congress in Montreal this October. The public can vote for their favourite video during the week of July 8th via

A group of more than twenty from Move4Parkinson’s will be travelling to the Congress to both perform and to participate in this global conference which only takes place every three years. With more than 5,000 hits for their video already on their own youtube channel, the choir hope that this success will be replicated in the WPC competition.

Mags Mullarney, Founder and Director of Move4Parkinson’s said; “We are delighted to have been shortlisted to the final 12 in the World Parkinson’s Congress Video competition. Our choir is made up of an amazing group of people who have been on an amazing journey over the past year, we feel that is reflected in this video. We want to get the message out there that there is hope for people with Parkinson’s and that working together we can regain the voices we have lost. We would love if people could take the time to vote and help us be the ‘People’s Choice’ for WPC 2013”.

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