Move4parkinsons Voices of Hope Choir

Move4parkinsons Voices of Hope Choir

I started to write this blog in February 2011 just for myself never considering that anyone else might be interested in reading it.

Funny how life unfolds ,and so many things have amazed me since I started this journey .
Parkinson’s disease is a unique experience for everyone who is challenged by it and indeed the challenge is also unique for all the family members and friends.

This year has been an amazing journey for all us at Move4Parkinsons ,our Empowerment day was a fantastic  experience and the feed back was great and out of that day was born the Choir and on Thursday 1st November we gave that unique entity a name the Move4Parkinsons Voices of Hope Choir.

The choir started rehearsing in September and rehearsals were at 7.30 -9.30 then because there was so much talking going on Jennifer the musical director( (suggested we start at 7 pm and we are now running out the door at 10pm there is never enough time ..Jennifer brings  music to life ,she is also a speech therapist and that is one of the reasons for the choir People with Parkinsons can experience difficulty with speech and volume .

I never feel like I have Parkinsons in that group of amazing people the age group spans from mid 20’s to a very glamorous 81 !!!!

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything”.-Plato

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