On the “Move4Parkinson’s”

On the “Move4Parkinson’s”

What a fantastic opportunity I got yesterday to spread the awareness message about empowering yourself to manage a chronic illness like Parkinson’s on Four Live, RTE 1.  I was aware of the importance of trying to get the message out there in a limited amount of time. There was no “dress rehearsal” as like anything in life this was the real thing, as most people will know I’m passionate about this.

 Following on from this there is an information day on Friday 28th October in Wynn’s Hotel at 2.00 p.m., please phone the Parkinson’s Association helpline on 1800 359 359 to book a place.  Details of the itinerary can be found on the Parkinson’s Website www.parkinsons.ie .The Parkinsons Association also have a nurse who can be contacted with any queries or concerns you may have on 1800 359359 .They will also send you out an information pack on request.

3 thoughts on “On the “Move4Parkinson’s”

  1. trishd

    Hi Maggie,
    I didnt get to see your show myself but my dad did. He has parkinsons and at times can get very down with it….seeing you on tv with similar issues really perked him up and made him more positive about what he can still achieve.

    As a fellow runner I have sooooo much respect for what your doing, best of luck with the marathon next week, I’ll be thinking of you and following your blog:)

    Trish x
    (oxford Uk)

  2. Mags Mullarney

    Trish thank you so much for taking the time to comment .It is this type of feedback that really encourages me to continue this awareness path .Does your Dad live in the UK ?
    We have meeeting in Dublin on Friday that I and
    Jon Stamford (Parkinsons Movement) are speaking at in Wynns Hotel at 2pm 28th October .
    Love and light to you and your Dad

  3. Joao

    My granmdother had My granmdother had Parkinson’s before she passed and my father currently has it now. I’ve researched the disease quite a bit as has my father. He personally went through a surgery where they inserted a needle into his brain and wires connecting it to the motor function section of the brain. All the wires are connected to a battery pack inside of his chest that control currents of electricity which help lower the tremors very well.Less med and more body control. There are ways to help but no cure -3Was this answer helpful?

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