Over the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day and who says there is not life after Parkinsons!!!!!!!!!! I had a fantastic time, I was up at 5:30am to give myself the prep time I needed to take medication, wait for it to take effect, have breakfast and loosen up with some Yoga.
My family, friends and I were taken to the start line where I was presented the Inagural Lord Mayor Medal by the Lord Mayor Andrew Montague he was really interested in the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s.

The Lord Mayor presenting me with the Lord Mayor’s Medal at the start line

Shortly after the presentation we were on our way, my first marathon had started.  Myself, my trainer Jason (contrary to one newspaper report my husband Michael is not my trainer… he complains about walking to the shops across the road to get the paper!!!!!), my daughter Nikki ,my son David ,my friend Kate and Nikki’s friend Dee.
I was so well trained both physically in terms of fitness and nutrition and  mentally that I did not hit a wall, so if any of you out there are looking for a trainer, Jason Pettigrew of Method Fitness is your man, he is incredible .
My fantastic trainer Jason Pettigrew and me at the finish line (check out our medals!)

The only slight hiccup was when I managed to turn around at mile 25 to say something to Kate and tripped on the footpath (or perhaps it was a Parkinsons stumble – who knows) anyway I have a lovely black eye to prove it, but after been checked out by Jason and Dave I was on my way !The boys made me link them for the last mile they were taking no chances. We completed it, the target at the start of the training last year was to get over the line and to quote Jason if he had to carry me he would (lucky for him this was not needed) .We did it in 6 hours 54minc 42 sec !!!

Jason, myself, Kate, my son Dave and my husband Michael at the finish line, along with Kate’s sons Andrew and Mark
Thanks to everyone at the finish line my friends Paddy and Ciara,  my sisters, my godchild Lisa, my step son Morgan ,Warren, Andrew and Mark (Kate’s family who spent the day following us around),  my husband Michael, my children Nikki  and Dave and to everyone else who made this journey possible .Well done to Adrienne, Jane and Lorraine.

So I woke this morning slightly stiff and with very slow movement which occurs as a result of the Parkinsons, no one would believe this unless they saw it this is why it is so important to get the Parkinsons awareness message out.

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  1. Rojo

    Hi Margaret! Congratulations on completing the Marathon! I could only get in to the finish line at around 17:30 so I must have missed you… Wanted to ring/text you but you forgot to write your number down for me!

    Congrats again,


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