A Rewarding Award Night from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

A Rewarding Award Night from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Two years ago as I sat at the kitchen table with Kate designing the logo for Move4Parkinson’s I couldn’t have imagined where we have got to in that time. Last night I received an award from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland on behalf of the Move4Parkinson’s in recognition of the work that we are doing. This award belongs to everyone that we have met along the way that has supported us, encouraged us and walked beside us on the journey to creating a world that understands Parkinson’s.
The depth of commitment from the people who work in our organisation, the incredible volunteers, our choir and everyone else who participates in the work that is done in Move4Parkinson’s is immeasurable. Without such support I believe we would not be achieving the level of awareness and recognition which we are.
So for me last night, there were many highlights; huge pride in receiving the award from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland ,the beautiful surrounds of Christchurch cathedral, the flawless planning of the event by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, but the lasting memory for me will be the incredible response we received from the audience as the choir belted out Man in The Mirror.
I was touched by the fact that my daughter Nikki was asked to speak on behalf of those impacted by the work that is being done by the eight awardees. I have spent the last nine months getting to know the other awardees and each of the projects are incredibly creative, visionary and each of the awardees are passionate about their work. Huge congratulations to the three impact award winners in particular; John Kearney of Irish Community Rapid Response, John Evoy of Irish Men’s Sheds and Krystian Fikert of MyMind, three very deserving projects.
I guess I could not finish out this blog without mentioning another team that were with us last night. Emily Bernhard and Joe Brunette have been commissioned by PBS to make a documentary on Parkinson’s disease and have been with us both in Montreal at the World Parkinson’s Congress and in Ireland for the last week. Their incredible sensitivity, professionalism and ability to empathise with People with Parkinson’s made what could have felt intrusive an enjoyable and in fact rewarding experience. It was an experience that will raise awareness about what life is really like for people with Parkinson’s.
And in the end that’s what’s important and that’s what we’re about. Whilst awards and recognition are gratifying, they also have a huge purpose in helping us to spread awareness. And to SEI, a huge thank you for the support that you’ve given us in the last 9 months, the foundation and the platform that you’ve given us, we look forward to working with you over the next year.

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Mags 4 Parkinson’s Ireland

Mags MullarneyFounder of Move4Parkinson’s, Mags was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004 when she was 47 years old. Since then she has worked tirelessly to better understand Parkinson’s and to improve her quality of life through taking a multi-disciplinary approach and utilising complementary medicine in addition to the traditional. She spends much of her time speaking to groups and individuals about her journey so far and the ways that PWP’s can empower themselves to better manage their Parkinson’s.

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