Shout ,shout , let it all out !!!!

Shout ,shout , let it all out !!!!

So whats this all about , well I mentioned that I was doing another vision board .What you may ask is a vision board

A vision board is a piece of paper with images on it. It can be simple and hand drawn or very elaborate. Most usually consist of magazine images cut out and applied to a piece of paper
Vision boards can be a powerful (and fun) tool to help your aspirations and goals become more REAL and tangible. The visual imagery allows you to more readily see yourself living your dream, as if it were already reality

I have been using vision boards as one of my life purpose tools for over 10 years and the latest one was completed a few weeks ago .I looked at it again yesterday and saw the following words Shout,shout ,let it all out!!!!I remember wondering whats that all about why did I put it on the board. So when I  read the recent entries on the Recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s blog  it made sense .

Thanks guys for all the fantastic information you are posting you are an inspiration .One of the things I was really taken by is the fact that people with Parkinson’s can suffer from apathy  that is a real challenge thankfully I have not experienced it yet , so we need to get out and shout load to create more awareness and understanding about this hugely challenging disease.So as you know I “walk the walk “so I am off to a meeting at 9.30 do do a bit of brainstorming about our next projects .What are you doing to day ?

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