They do, do they? Just for the record….this bunny does NOT LIKE IT HOT….Well, NOT THIS HOT!!

I’m sure I’m not alone, despite the fact that no one else in my neck of the woods is complaining about the fact it was 35°c in the shade at 2 pm yesterday. On the contrary, the minute I open my mouth to protest, I’m drowned out with cries of “not one more word from you!!!” I ask you……who needs a 24hr sauna?

I’m not usually one for complaining about my lot ( methinks?) but this past week has reduced me to a whinging, perspiring, wimp of my former PD self.

As I write at this ungodly hour of 5.15 am, having spent a sticky, tortuous night throwing bedclothes on and off my long suffering husband and the cat who prefers sleeping at the foot of our bed instead of joining respectable moggy friends (of which there are too many) in the local environs. Worse still, it appears there’s no sign of relief on the horizon for at least another week. Even the weather presenter sounded incredulous last night. I groaned at the prospect of temperatures in the Midlands reaching over 30 degrees again, TODAY…. Aaaaaaaargh!

Is it just me or am I right in thinking PD and HOT weather are not the most compatible bed mates? My family are soaking up every minute of this heat like there’s no tomorrow. Meanwhile, I find myself slumped indoors, unable to move for most of the day and in considerable pain as a result. Every bit of me aches. I am one very unhappy bunny.

Being an active type, I’m finding it impossible in these temperatures to keep to anything like my usual routine of walking outdoors and generally being on the move for most of the day. Confined to the house because I just can’t stand the heat outside, I promised myself I would start cooking ‘early’ today. All the prepping of vegetables for my curry was done ‘early’ yesterday but completion of mission had to be aborted for obvious reasons. Not sure I’m going to get far today either……..but there’s still time before heat is up!

My meds buzzer is ringing so my day can start in earnest……..or can it? I had so much planned for this week. Not a good start having to cancel visit yesterday to recently discovered dance class but prospect of stifling, hour long train journey to Waterford didn’t appeal. The dance most certainly did but more, much more about that another time.

By now, I could forgive you for wishing I’d just shut up and chill….oh that’s a good word that’s just sprung to mind…CHILL……thats it… I like the sound and the feel and the images that word conjures up.  Now, where’s the ice?  Damn it!……… we’re out of ice and so is probably every shop within striking distance……Ah well, another day lost… far as I’m concerned ( Ok, I know I’m in the minority), Ireland can ship this back to Lanzarote where it belongs………or maybe, just maybe, I’ll start to acclimatise. I live in hope.

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Marie MorrisDiagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 (Symptoms since 2005), Marie’s career is in Special Education.
Having Travelled extensively, Marie and husband Terence are now happily settled in Kilkenny to be near their grandchildren, two cats and one very spoiled dog.
While not part of their original plan for retirement, PD has placed its feet firmly under their table. Their decision to blog for M4P gives a glimpse into their world and the ways in which they are learning to deal with their uninvited guest.

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