Spirit of Light Christmas Concert

Spirit of Light Christmas Concert

With just over six weeks to go to our first Spirit of Light Christmas Concert, the Move4Parkinson’s Voices of Hope choir got together last Thursday evening for their weekly choral practice. As usual, we started by focusing on one song to make sure we were singing it correctly. We started out singing quietly with our heads buried in our song sheets, not fully engaged in the act which most likely stemmed from the nervous realisation that our first public performance was drawing ever closer. But with a little bit of encouragement from our enthusiastic choir director, our heads lifted and our voices grew louder. Her enthusiasm was infectious because within a short time we were mirroring her swaying side to side movements as we sang. The longer we sang, the more we began to believe in ourselves and it was a clear sign of our victory over the underlying tide of apathy that is so prevalent in People with Parkinson’s.

Belief exudes confidence and as our confidences grew so did our enjoyment of the songs we were singing. By the end of the choir practice, there was a definite change of atmosphere in the space where we sang. It was a positive change and one that we were all aware of as we reluctantly finished singing for the night. But we finished with smiles on our faces, and as we said goodbye to each other, we ventured into the cold November night humming to the songs in our heads.

If you would like to hear us sing, then why not come along to our concert and listen as the Voices of Hope Choir along with A Glor Gospel Choir say no Parkinson’s and sing loudly to demonstrate the power of hope! Details of the concert can be found on our upcoming events page by clicking http://www.move4parkinsons.blogspot.ie/p/upcoming-events.html

We hope to see you there!

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