The challenge of staying positive!

The challenge of staying positive!

I’ve been busy in the last week just managing this disease called Parkinson’s ,named after the guy who discovered it.  It is such a shame that his surname was not Rose or even Lily(it might have meant something different to people, its all in the name!)
So what does anyone know about Parkinson’s? I knew nothing about it when diagnosed other than I was too young to get it and I did not want to shake!.

So what challenged my positivity this week? I woke up at 5 am on Saturday morning and knew that there was  a problem ,I  knew I had an infection .One of the most important  challenges of this disease is to understand your body  (infections throw your Parkinsons medication off) . My whole body had seized up and I had severe difficulty moving.So my darling husband and my son brought me to the hospital and there I met a young Doctor who was great (he looked too young to be qualified , I think I am just getting older!). I explained to him about Parkinson’s and he was certainly familiar with the disease and the management of it I was well impressed. He listened  carefully to what I to say and agreed that it wasn’t Parkinson’s but more than likely an infection that was causing the problem.

 So after further tests armed with another three lots of “stuff” to take I headed home  at about 11 am that morning. I spent the weekend getting the antibiotics in to me and going from being mobile to being immobile it certainly challenged me .I got great support from my son and his girlfriend and my daughter and of course Michael.

So now I am going into the next phase of trying to determine what other areas are causing issues for the absorption of my medication and to improve my mobility when off, this disease is so unique to everyone and has so many strands eg. diet ,exercise , bowel ,nervous system etc .So a personal trainer  I have worked with for the last year and a half ,my Reikki healer ,my naturopath and a cranial sacrial therapist and my physiotherapist are getting together ,(this is the holistic multi disciplinary approach) and I  hope to get out of the meeting a plan that will improve my off periods .

Watch this space I will keep you posted and  in the meantime I did a session in the gym this morning of light training, still on target  for the marathon!.

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