The Volunteers

The Volunteers

I continue to be amazed, inspired and at times overwhelmed by the generosity of people who volunteer and  work in support of a better quality of life for People with Parkinson’s and their families. When I first started this journey I had no idea what road it would lead me down, having turned many corners along the way. Parkinson’s disease is challenging and they tell me it is incurable, degenerative and progressive. I believe that to counteract this, we need to become incurable, progressive, optimists which is the greatest antidote with no side effects!!

The volunteers we have are phenomenal and they are those optimists I speak about. Their time and expertise is invaluable and so much appreciated. Last Friday a group of dedicated people got together to start building a new website for Move4Parkinson’s. Work has been ongoing with an array of talent feeding us ideas. I reckon on Friday with all the work that we were doing, we had at least twelve volunteers working on various different projects.

I  want to thank everyone who is supporting Move4Parkinson’s and our growing community. I especially want to thank my daughter Nikki who works tirelessly in her spare time and also hugely supports me on my journey. Although I always acknowledge it to her personally I wanted to acknowledge it today to the world!! In fairness to her she never looks for thanks and to her partner Johnny, I’d also like to extend a big thank you (he never complains about the time she spends supporting me well at least not to me!)

So, thank you again to everyone concerned. Keep volunteering we need you!

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