I was right! It is…..too darn HOT!

It gives me little satisfaction to be joined by myriads of equally unhappy bunnies (PD and non PD ), forced by soaring temperatures to be sucked from their burrows to join in with my ongoing whinge… Judging by the number of comments on FB this week, there’s a lot of whinging going on out there.

Now into its fourth week with no end in sight, our seemingly relentless heat wave is swallowing everything in its path. Being the first to complain, I was told in no uncertain terms to ‘stop giving out’. It seemed everyone, but yours truly, was cockahoop about the heat, the likes of which, I’m reliably told, hasn’t been seen in the fair isle of Ireland since the early 70’s.

The big difference now is that the sun’s rays are noticeably stronger than they were then as the ozone layer is being progressively depleted at an alarming rate. That last phrase has a familiar ring to it, does it not? You can relax, I’m not about to start sounding off about ‘green’ issues although I am getting alarmed at the sight of the burnt grass, wilting trees and bushes and the whispers of looming water shortages…and worse…

What really concerns me right now, is how people with Parkinson’s are managing to survive temperatures in the high 20’s, even 30’s day in and day out. Heat Regulation is not one of our strongpoints and with such high levels of humidity, many must feel completely sapped of energy and even (dare I say) the will to live. The summer months are always potentially the most unpleasant, whether it be sweltering in the sun or getting a soaking in the rain…..this year it’s a double whammy of higher and HIGHER temperatures………Every post I read, makes some reference to peoples discomfort so clearly, I wasn’t far off the mark when I started ‘giving out’ last week.

Blurred vision, swollen feet and ankles, searing headaches, disorientation, accompanied by a form of creeping brain fog making it even more difficult than usual to communicate ……the meds just don’t seem to work as well in this heat. This really sucks because fine weather usually implies lots more outdoor social events,like the one I’m going to this evening, a barbecue at my daughter’s house. Providing I can stay awake long enough, that is!

My meds haven’t been working well for some time but these past few weeks, the heat has added to the havoc I’m experiencing with balance and coordination helped along by my poor swollen ankles. The latter complaint is probably a result of an imbalance in meds. Hopefully this can be rectified. The heat is definitely not helping and as I have to wait till the end of August before I see my consultant, I have another 4 weeks to hobble around (if I want to venture further than the confines of home). Even the slightest over exertion leaves my legs feeling like jelly and my lower extremities like balloons.

As for Sleep’………anyone remember what that was? Well I can remember when I slept like a baby for 10 hrs a night and everyone was jealous and I couldn’t understand why it was such a problem for them. I understand all too well now. Sleep is no more a given in my life than I suspect, it is in yours. Most of my FB forum friends are getting at best 6hrs of repeatedly broken sleep and at worst 2hrs, followed by 3/4 hrs of wakefulness, leaving the body feeling like it’s been wrung out to dry or alternatively…had the life squeezed out of it.

Life as we know it, is unpredictable enough and whilst I admit I have difficulties keeping my emotions on an even keel at the best of times, in these temperatures I oscillate between being reasonably reasonable and being pathetically teary for nothing that I am particularly aware of. Life has not been easy in our house in recent weeks as stress levels increase and my long suffering spouse refuses to fight back anymore…he just winds me up even further with “OK. its my fault…everything is my fault……….if you say so..!”

Its all very wearing and I never thought I’d say it but I’ll say it once more……..this heat doesn’t belong here. Anyway, the sort they get in Lanzarote is much drier…… so I’m told!!”

This extended whinge, you will be glad to hear, is ending on a more positive note by suggesting that we try to stay out of the sun (especially between 11am and 3pm), keep cool in the shade, wear cool clothing, keep well hydrated and get plenty of rest during the day. If you are lucky enough to be able to walk or get to a gym…….then keep up the exercise but make sure you do it early in the day, not forgetting the sun cream, the sunglasses and the hat. That way, we shall all survive this sorry tale of ‘The Irish Heat Wave of 2013’.

One can sometimes have too much of a good thing, don’t you think? Perhaps now is the time for a plea to the Great Umpire in the sky………to send us some rain! Here’s hoping he gets back to us soon!

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Marie MorrisDiagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 (Symptoms since 2005), Marie’s career is in Special Education.
Having Travelled extensively, Marie and husband Terence are now happily settled in Kilkenny to be near their grandchildren, two cats and one very spoiled dog.
While not part of their original plan for retirement, PD has placed its feet firmly under their table. Their decision to blog for M4P gives a glimpse into their world and the ways in which they are learning to deal with their uninvited guest.

2 thoughts on “TOO DARN HOT!!

  1. Andrew Curran

    Great blog Marie. I’m enjoying the weather, but from the inside looking out. I’m staying indoors mostly, and when I go out, I try to stay in the shade. The words “high temperatures” and “Ireland” don’t really belong in the same sentence…

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