What has inspired me to do the marathon

What has inspired me to do the marathon

Many things have given me inspiration but two things really stand out for me ,the first was going to the Parkinsons world Congress in Glasgow last year and with my son David (who is a wonderful physiotherapist ) we checked out any new ideas for exercise and cam across the method developed in Arizona  http://pwrgym.org/     which has been scietifically proven to help people with Parkinsons to stay well and even in some cases slow down the progression of the Parkinsons.It also encourages exercising as much as possible, in the past we were not encoursged to do as much as it was felt  this was the right approach .Time moves on and research changes and treatments are modified as needed

The second thing that impacted me was meeting  John Ball  he has written a book  called” Living Well Running Hard” he was diagnosed in  1983 at 39  he is amazing looks really fit and well and continues to run marathons he ran his first marathon at 51! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd3RvbKEThg this video is really inspiring
I came back from Glasgow on a high  and announced I was going to do the marathon !!! This time last year we were heading for the Congress one year later I am doing the marathon at the end of  October .!!!!!

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