When exercise is fun

When exercise is fun

I went walking on Dollymount strand at 7am last Saturday week, in preparation for the marathon. It had to be a short session as I had been invited to the Kanchi Sounding Board quarterly meeting at 10 am in the Merrion Hotel (more on that to come).

Ten kilometers later I was amazed at how easy it was! I could not believe I had been out for a full hour and a half walk, mind you I had my really good friend Lorraine with me and Jason  (my trainer), his wife Lorraine, Adrienne who also  trains with Jason and Molly, Jasons dog.

Molly, Jasons dog (see picture – she loves her walks).

We were also having a had a bit of fun working out my new video-camera, Lorraine had been appointed chief camerawoman and was taking to her role of director/ documenter with aplomb. As Lorraine and I walked together we solved all the problems of the moment  and even sang a few songs. All this before 9.30am!

Pic of Jason (my trainer), Molly the dog, Lorraine (friend/camerawoman extraordinaire), Lorraine (Jason’s wife)

It’s so much easier and enjoyable to exercise with friends and positive people surrounding you and even if they don’t have Parkinson’s, everyone benefits from exercise (and laughter!)

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