Women’s Mini Marathon

Women’s Mini Marathon

A big congratulations to all the women who completed the women’s mini marathon in Dublin this afternoon and especially those who did it on behalf of Move4Parkinson’s. It was a great achievement and you should be very proud of yourselves. At 10km, a mini marathon may not sound like a big deal, but when you’ve got Parkinson’s it certainly is. People may not realise the preparation involved in something like this but as a person with Parkinson’s, preparation is key to almost everything we do. Aside from the obvious training, the women with Parkinson’s who completed the mini marathon today had a lot to consider coming up to 3pm.

Do I have enough water to keep me hydrated?
What time did I take my last tablet?
Will the effect of the medication last till the end of the race?
If my medication wears off and I freeze, will someone be there to help me?

But despite these concerns, they put their best feet forward and faced the challenge with optimism and a smile. With Parkinson’s, it is essential that we prepare for everything we do in order for us to function, even at a basic operational level. So, to take on something like a mini marathon, I’d like to say your inspirational courage in the face of adversity gives me the strength and hope to seek out a better life for me and my Parkinson’s. Keep going on your journey and many will join you!

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