Set Dancing

Research has shown Set Dancing can be more beneficial than standard physiotherapy, particularly in dealing with symptoms such as Freezing Gait, Balance & Motor Disability. Our classes are sociable, supportive and full of positivity. Suitable for beginners and the more experienced.

Irish set-dancing was discovered to be beneficial for People with Parkinson’s, following a chance discovery by Dr Daniele Volpe, an Italian Neurologist, while on holidays in Ireland. On his return to Italy, he undertook research which proved the physical benefits.

In 2013 Dr.Volpe hosted a conference on set dancing for Parkinson’s. Please see the video, which is a recent (October 2014) interview with Dr Volpe.

In 2014 we commenced pilot classes with 30 participants, taught by Irish set-dancing teacher Pat O’Dea, who has been trained in Dr Volpe’s methodology. This is a clip of a group from our class doing a demonstration at the International Parkinson’s Empowerment Summit in October 2014, with Pat O’Dea.

We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, who provided grants towards our set-dancing class in 2014, The Ireland Funds and Lundbeck

  • Sandyford Community Centre, Lamb’s Cross, Dublin 18.
    Wednesday Mornings 10.30am -12.00noon (Advanced Class)
  • Belarmine Community Centre, Belarmine Plaza, Belarmine, Stepaside, Dublin 18
    Wednesday Afternoons 2.00pm-3.30pm, (Beginners Class)

Class Times & Locations subject to change. Please contact head office for up to date information
Tel: (01) 2950060 or Email:

‘I come for the music and the rhythm. Connecting with the music reactivates the memory of the week before’

‘I always loved dancing. I needed persuasion [to join the class] at the beginning. I can do the things that I used to do; I may not be doing them perfectly but I’m enjoying them.’