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Be aware of food and medication interactions. What you eat and when you eat can impact the effectiveness of your medication. Please review any information provided with your medication on foods to avoid. Consider keeping a food diary of what you eat and when you eat it, along with how you feel afterwards as this will help in monitoring how food is impacting you and any changes in your condition.

Fresh Produce

Alcohol intake. Carefully follow any alcohol consumption guidelines on your medication information leaflet for optimum health.

The time at which you eat can play a role in the effectiveness of your medication. For example, a diet high in protein may reduce the effectiveness of how your levodopa medication works. Therefore the amounts of protein you take as well as the time at which you take your levodopa medication are important factors to consider. 

As nutrition for Parkinson’s is so individualised, we are not including any “nutritional” websites, but rather we encourage you to eat a healthy and balanced diet. If you are considering making changes to your diet or drinking habits, please seek advice from your neurologist or a nutritionist first.

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