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‘’Following my partners diagnosis, I was afraid of losing the person that I had know all these years. Since he’s started going to the Ballaly Voices of Hope Choir and to the Set Dancing classes, I have never heard him say that he doesn’t want to go- it is so important for me to see that he enjoys it and that he is like himself"


"Move4Parkinson’s peppers through my whole life… I feel I belong; I have a place in the world again"


"Parkinson’s was like the elephant in the room when my dad was first diagnosed. Finding the support of Move4Parkinson’s has changed my whole family’s life but especially my dad’s. Move4Parkinson’s is a very special community, with very special people who very quickly become very good friends"


"I was just so struck by the fact that we were standing together, with such dignity and joy singing together"


"We have slotted the Move4Parkinson’s classes into our lives. There is a lightness of spirit about the whole thing"


"I just knew I was going to be ok if I could be with people like this"


"I can’t begin to explain how much the Voices of Hope Choir does for me; I just love going. I really enjoy every minute of it. There is a sense of community I did not have before and I find that it has given me focus, a purpose, I know there is something I can do to help other people with Parkinson’s.  Most importantly I have special friends now, a whole new circle of friends with Parkinson’s, friends who totally understand what I am going through"

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