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Emotional Wellbeing

Apathy and depression are two known non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s*. Others include anxiety, sleep disturbances and impulse behavioural problems. While these do not affect every PwP, if you experience any of these, please speak to your neurologist or Parkinson’s nurse.


Mindfulness based therapies are one way through which PwP’s can support their emotional well-being. Practical approaches include breathing techniques, meditation, guided visualisations and relaxation techniques. Mindfulness involves “living in the moment” by giving your full attention to whatever you are doing at a particular time. Some PWP’s (including those involved with Move4Parkinson’s) have found these techniques useful in managing their symptoms. The idea behind these therapies is that they can help the body elicit a relaxation response, which in turn can reduce stress. The less stressed you are, the better you will feel.

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